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Make your own business rules.

SOMETHING NEW IS EMERGING. Companies are discovering when they invite everyone to PARTICIPATE in the building of a great company and SHARE in the rewards, both the company and the people, PROFIT MORE.


People Are Talking

Awesome! Love it! I'm looking for a few "adults" right now!

Terry Trexler

You have a terrific mission and organizational culture and some solid wisdom to share!

Todd Kemp

I greatly enjoyed the content. You pushed our comfort zone a little, but that is EXACTLY why I wanted to bring you in.

Evan Abbott

You have helped me understand that we have moved from the Industrial Age to the Participation Age of business. Having 'managed and supervised' people for 45 years, you've taught me how to transition to a 'leadership' model.

Ann Fetsch

Keeping track of attendance and time worked has now changed to simply measuring results. I like the idea of giving others the power to create ways we can all grow, make more money and attain a sense of fulfillment.

Sid Page

If you own a business, are a manager, supervisor, or employee and look at your company and think... THERE HAS TO BE SOME OTHER WAY TO LIVE, YOU HAVE TO ENGAGE WITH the Crankset Group. I can't wait to share this information with the other 900 franchisees that share the same dream as I do of creating freedom (wealth) by bringing stakeholders into my business and helping grow it so that we can all live the ideal lifestyle we have dreamed of!!!

Larry Mcdaniel

Network Ad Placeholder

Leaders of Participation Age companies make better decisions. Why? They are not covering for unknown weaknesseses.

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The emerging work world in the participation age | Chuck Blakeman | TEDxMileHigh

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